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Do you remember the first time you noticed that you were losing your hair? Or maybe you noticed a slow increase in the amount of strands draining into the shower every day, gradually increasing the areas of pink on your scalp? If you can relate to this fact, there's no reason to feel alone.

Regardless of how wide spread hair loss, and especially male pattern baldness, is, there is no greater emasculative syndrome than losing your hair. We can go back the biblical times to read about Samson and the strength he gained from his hair, or in more modern times long hair models like Fabio shaking their locks. We are exposed to Hollywood celebrities, handsome chiselled men, with beautiful women running their hands through their hair seductively. No matter where you look, there is hair.

'Hair today, gone tomorrow'

Male pattern baldness is not an uncommon syndrome affecting only an unlucky few. In fact, 70% of men and 40% of women will experience this form of androgenic alopecia at some point in their life, so you aren't alone. The good news about hair loss comes in the form of a small medicated tablet, with proven hair regrowth effects.

Propecia, a brand name for the synthetic drug known as Finasteride, is a medically proven hair loss treatment medication. As we age, our body begins to unbind testosterone from its captors, allowing the hormone to enter certain cells in our body and amplify the androgenic effect of testosterone. As it enters the cell, it transforms into a more powerful hormone, amplifying the androgenic effects of testosterone. Propecia works by acting as a potent and competitive inhibitor of this testosterone derivative, halting the damaging effects on cells. When before the testosterone derivative would begin to damage the hair follicle sells, the Propecia now in fact allows the cells to continue working.

Of course, before you begin dosing yourself with Propecia or self-diagnose your hair loss, speak to your doctor about whether your baldness can be treated effectively through external medication or behavioural adjustment. Whilst Propecia is an effect reversing tool against male pattern baldness, if you are losing your hair for other reasons the drug may have no effect on you. The external reasons of hair loss are important to know - if you are aware of something in your life can create baldness, you will be able to adjust it before the need for medication arises. Things such as over styling of hair, obsessive compulsive disorders, hypothyroidism, auto immune diseases and even infections and poor hygiene can effect hair loss.

If you believe that Propecia can help you recover from your hair loss, then it is important to speak to your doctor before beginning your dosage. Discussing current and past health issues, as well as lifestyle and genetics will allow your doctor to rule out other possibilities and make sure Propecia is right for you. Propecia has a very high success rate, but if you are not suffering from a syndrome that is helped by the drug, it is unlikely that it will do much to help you. However, if you are suffering from a condition that will be aided by a drug such as Finasteride, Propecia stands as one of the most effect drugs to combat hair loss.